Rolling love Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

“She said she fell down.”

Yan Liang looked at the inside of the ward through the window. With her back to the door, Xu Ziqing was still lying on the bed.
Although the injury wasn’t serious, this man had still come to take care of her. Xu Ziqing was always very lucky - and Yan Liang was already accustomed to it.
Jus then she heard Zhou Cheng say to her, " I hear that she rushed to your office yesterday and shouted at you. I apologise to you on her behalf." Yan Liang did not hold back, and smiled sarcastically.
With a dry cough, Zhou Cheng changed the topic, " Were you looking for her for something ? I can tell her when she wakes up."
Yan Liang looked at the window again. She wasn’t sure what to do. She looked at Zhou Cheng and struggled to decide whether or not to tell him. Then she finally said, " No, I’ll come back tomorrow. You take care of her."
Although the words were neutral, her tone was very cold. As soon as she finished saying this, she turned and walked away.
Once she was out of the hospital, she stood on the steps. The sun was very bright at this time. She looked around, there was a slight haze. After standing like this for a long time, she took out her phone.
Was the sun in New Zealand as bright as it was here ?
Just as she was thinking this, the phone was connected and an excited voice came through , " Miss!"
For a long time , Yan Liang had no contact with her family. Now , as she heard Aunt Liang’s cordial voice, she felt strange.
The sunshine was so bright, she should be feeling warm. But Yan Liang suddenly felt a chill, because in her ear, those sarcastic words reverberated.
" Isn’t it ironic ? I have true Xu blood in my veins, and yet I didn’t want revenge, only a stable life. And you.. you sacrificed all your life’s happiness to avenge the Xu family…."

But she tried to keep her voice calm, " Uncle and Aunt Zhou, did they have fun there?"

" It was nice to fly to Sydney last week and listen to the opera. Now they are having tea."
" That’s good.."
" Don’t you want to speak to your Zhou aunt and uncle? You haven’t called for so long , were you busy ?"
" Aunt Liang.." , Yan Liang bit her lip and failed to continue.
This time finally, Aunt Liang realised there was something strange, "Why are you hesitating ?"
Yan Liang tried to inject some cheerfulness in her voice, " Nothing , Aunt Liang. You don’t need to worry about me. I am very well.. you should take care of yourself. "
" Child, you care about me, you should also be a bit concerned about your mother. Last time when we went to see a shoe exhibition, she talked about you, she said you would have definitely liked it."
But Yan Liang was eager to hang up the phone. " I’ll call you again next time, I am a bit busy right now, I can’t talk anymore. "
Saying this, she hung up the phone, descended down the steps and briskly walked away.
Through the window, Xu Ziqing watched as she stood at the stairs, made the call and then finally left.
Before she could pull down the curtains, she heard Zhou Cheng behind her, " What did the two of you quarrel about yesterday ? Both of you are behaving so abnormally today. "
Xu Ziqing turned back to see Zhou Cheng. Without saying anything she lay back on the bed again.
Zhou Cheng stood at the door watching her every move . Helplessly, he shook his head.
Yan Liang visited the hospital in the afternoon again. She deliberately selected a time when Zhou Cheng would not be there. Both women were clearly reluctant to have him involved in this.
She had just entered the ward when she saw that Xu Ziqing had changed out of the hospital pyjamas and was packing her bags.
Yan Liang did not knock on the door and directly came inside the room.

When Xu Ziqing saw Yan Liang, she was momentarily taken aback,
" So you heard me tell Zhou Cheng I will come back tomorrow and decided to get discharged today afternoon ?"
Xu Ziqing pretended as if she didn’t hear her and continued to quietly tidy up her things.

“I need to see the letter that Dad gave you.”
In the middle of her packing, Xu Ziqing paused.
Yan Liang waited for her answer.
But she hadn’t expected Xu Ziqing to actually retract her own words, " That's ridiculous ! Don’t tell me you actually believed what I said. Dad didn’t give me any letters. "
The woman was lying, her face clearly gave her away.
Xu Ziqing finished packing, pulled the chain and walked out of the ward with her bag.
Yan Liang tried to stop her, but at that time she suddenly caught a glimpse of something on the bedside table and froze. In the process of catching up with Xu Ziqing, she stopped.
As Xu Ziqing disappeared through the door, Yan Liang walked back all the way to the bedside table and picked up the comb that Xu Ziqing had left behind..
**** ****
Yan Liang herself sent samples of her own hair and Xu Ziqing’s to the DNA identification lab.
As she waited for the results, at the same time , she was about to usher in their second marriage anniversary and the signing ceremony of J'appelle.
Whether it was just a coincidence or because Jiang Yu Nan had deliberately arranged this, the anniversary party was at 7 pm and on the same day, at 11 am, Li Bo officially signed the J'appelle agreement.

The signing ceremony was held in the offices of the LiBo Group. For two billion US dollars, all the Xu brands, including Yan Yan, secret, skin keys was sold off.
A new cosmetic empire was born.

Outside, there were strong rumours of why Liang Ruiqiang suddenly wanted to get involved in the cosmetics industry he had never been involved with before. Apparently this was all for his third wife. J' appelle was equivalent to a legacy to his 30 year old wife in advance.
Earlier, Yan liang had received a call from the hospital, " Ms Yan, the DNA results are already out. Please collect your report as soon as possible."
Yan Liang hung up the phone and decided to hurry to the hospital to collect the report.
But just as she picked up herself bag, her assistant knocked on the door. " Mr Jiang has invited you to attend the signing ceremony."
He wanted her there to witness the humiliation of Xu?
She put her bag on her shoulder and said, " I need to go out, by the time I come back it will be too late. I’m leaving now."
In less than half an hour she reached the hospital.
She picked up the report, put it in her bag and then returned to the parking lot and sat in her car.
As soon as the door closed, in the sealed space, she could finally hear her own thunderous heart beat.
Earlier when she had quickly rushed to the hospital , she was in too much of a hurry to think. But now she panicked slightly
She tightly held the steering wheel in her hands, so that her knuckles were white. For a long time, she didn’t start the car but kept staring at the file on the passenger seat.
When she finally opened the file, her hands were shaking.
In the file, there were nearly ten lines with complex comparisons of data, but her attention went directly to the results column.
' No blood relationship.'

…… …

Yan Liang went back to her office.
When the assistant saw her face looking so despairing, she could not help but worry, " Ms Yan.."
Yan Liang recovered enough to notice the secretary. She plainly asked the secretary, " Has the signing ceremony ended?"
" It shouldn’t have."
Yan Liang nodded and turned back to the elevator.
Within a few minutes, she was at the door of the conference room.
There were many people to welcome her as soon as she opened the door.
Jiang Shi Jun mocked her, " Now is the time ."
Yan Liang quietly glanced at the gathering. Jiang Yu Nan, sitting next to Jiang Shi Jun was the only one who did not look up when she entered.
And Liang Ruiqiang , sitting opposite to Jiang Shi Jun only nodded at her slightly.
Yan Liang saw an empty seat near Jiang Yu Nan and walked towards it.
Jiang Shi Jun's " Now is the time " comment meant that it was time to sign the contract between Liang Ruiqiang and Jiang Shi Jun.
Soon after she entered, they both signed the contract , exchanged it, stood up and shook hands.
Loud applause broke out in the conference room.
After the ceremony ended, the rest of the people gradually left. Liang Ruiqiang, Jiang Shi Jun and some others were the only ones remaining.
Yan Liang also stood up, as if ready to leave with the others. While speaking to Liang Ruiqiang, Jiang Shi Jun glanced at her, his eyes shining with the glee of joy and then he turned back to smile at Liang Ruiqiang .
But unexpectedly, Yan Liang actually went straight to Liang Ruiqiang instead of leaving the room as he had anticipated.
Jiang Shi Jin had just sipped his drink. He looked up to see Yan Liang and was momentarily taken aback. She came up to Liang Ruiqiang and greeted him, " Mr Liang." Then she whispered in his ears.
It wasn't clear what she said, but Liang Ruiqiang burst out laughing, "Good!"

Liang Ruiqiang then turned to Jiang Shi Jin, " Mr Jiang, let me formally introduce you. This.." Liang Ruiqiang and Jiang Shi Jin looked at Yan Liang, " .. is the boss of J'appelle."

…… …

…… …

" Snap!" The glass in Jiang Shi Jun’s hand cracked, tea spilled all over the place.
But Yan Liang calmly smiled at Jiang Shi Jin, as if meeting him for the first time, " Hello."
Jiang Yu Nan was sitting in his place. This time he looked up to see the smile of this irresistible woman.
He looked at her so silently, that she never even noticed.

Within a day, Li Bo was turned upside down.
Public opinion exploded , the board of directors at the centre of the storm all resigned from their positions, the Li Bo floor was completely empty.
The media gathered outside the building. Yan Liang had left from the back door but now she had been driving around the building watching the media block the main entrance. She slowed down to look, then accelerated the car and left.
Without her noticing, it was already 7 pm- the original time when the party was supposed to be held.

Her deception was that talk of the town, the grand party to celebrate their second anniversary was surely going to be cancelled

…… 8 o’clock……
.. 9:00……

Yan Liang was quietly waiting in the study room of the Xu house for someone, she did not go anywhere.
Standing in front of her desk, she quietly placed a document on the desk and signed it.
It was 10 pm

Outside it was already dark, but she was still waiting for Jiang Yu Nan.
After thinking for a long time, she suddenly thought of a possibility. Leaving the Xu house, she drove directly to the venue of the party.
The party was supposed to happen on the top floor.
The venue was completely empty, there wasn’t a single guest around. This wasn’t unexpected to Yan Liang, but what she wasn’t expecting was the melodious music she heard playing at the venue.
It was actually a live performance.
A pair of people were sitting on the stage holding cellos.
Dozens of tables were all vacant, crystal glasses , porcelain white tableware were all placed on the tables. But there was only one lonely figure sitting at the main table at the centre of the room.
The only light in the venue was not shining in the man, it from where she was standing at the door, to Yan Liang, the man looked terribly lonely.
She approached him quietly
She wasn’t glamorously dressed or elaborately made up. As he heard her footsteps, Jiang Yu Nan raised his head only to see her expressionless face. " These are the divorce papers. "

"……" “…”

"……" “…”

"……" “…”

" I have already signed it. It needs your signature.”
Jiang Yu Nan silently smiled and lowered his gaze to look at the divorce papers.
This was her gift to him on their second marriage anniversary…
Miumiu : So Yan Liang tastes victory at last. I am not at all clear why Jiang Yu Nan arranged the party in the first place..any ideas? Surely he doesn’t still think there is hope of reconciliation ? Or is he testing her feelings for him?

Rolling love Chapter 70

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