The Magus Era Chapter 352

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Seeing Ji Hao, Man Man, the old tree and the leopard leaving in a rush, on a corner of the courthouse's roof, that strong and muscular dragon-headed man who had been releasing a great sense of power, gradually showed his silhouette from the darkness, giving a few weird, cold laughs towards Ji Hao and his friends' backs.

"Hehe, a purple grain dragon sandalwood, who has cultivated himself into a conscious, spirit creature… I am attracted as well. However, how can our dragon kind do such a dirty, shameful thing? We should still follow our Chi Ban Market's rules, right, little Phoenix?"

Hearing his words, that beautiful young girl, who had a multicolored feather tail behind her body and a goddess-like, silvery voice, silently showed up, letting out a series of chuckles, and said, "Materials from purple grain dragon sandalwoods can be made into magical pills, that are especially helpful for the soul powers of our phoenix kind. We absolutely cannot let that old tree go."

"But, our phoenix kind will not do those dirty and shameful things either, therefore, just let them make their moves first. We won't break any rule by hunting them after they leave the Chi Ban Market anyway. Am I wrong, old dragon head?"

The sturdy dragon-kind man pressed his hand on the young girl's shoulder, but made it looks like he didn't do it on purpose at all, then responded, "Little Phoenix, you're completely right. Didn't those kids know that in our Chi Ban Market, the number of things you can buy equals to how powerful you are? Their punches are not solid enough but what they have gained is way too much."

While speaking, the dragon man's hand conveniently and creepily moved towards the girl's beautiful, enormous breasts.

The phoenix girl nimbly moved away, then threw an awfully quick and heavy kick between the dragon man's two legs with her right foot.

'Clang!' Along with this noise, the dragon man laughed out loud, then proudly patted on his own chest and yelled at that girl, "Ha! Little Phoenix, now you know how marvelous our dragon-kind' bodies can be, don't you? Our entire bodies completely lack weaknesses! Hehe, come, give me more kicks! I rather enjoyed it!"

The phoenix girl sniffed angrily, then suddenly transformed into a cloud of bright and colorful light, disappearing right away, without leaving even a trace.

After that, an overbearing and malicious grin slowly emerged from the dragon man's face. While stroking the tens of brightly shining, golden dragon beard hair near his mouth, he slightly waved his other hand and said, "Send a few capable men… don't trouble the two kids too much, just get me that tree back. Whoever dares to fight against us for that tree, just kill, no need to hesitate. Outside this Chi Ban Market, we have no rules that need to be followed!"

Ji Hao dragged Man Man, swiftly walking cross the streets of the Chi Ban Market. His spirit power had already transformed into a gigantic net, with which, all people that had followed up were under his watch.

"Seven-hundred and fifty people! All attracted, hah? I knew it, how can a place such as this Chi Ban Market have real rules? The only rule is true power!"

Touching his sleeve, Ji Hao instantly cast his nervousness away. In terms of true power, among this world, Ji Hao's power was not even worth mentioning. However, right at this moment, the power he possessed could absolutely make into the top-3 in the whole world.

Regardless of the number and power levels of enemies, as long as Ji Hao took out the magic sword formation Yu Yu gave him, all enemies would die for good, without any doubt.

In the front, twenty miles away from Ji Hao, Feng Xing had been trotting with a seriously darkened face. Under his feet was a faint and cyan gust of wind. He was moving quite fast, such that his silhouette kept flashing across the streets, leaving tens of shreds of afterimages.

What made him look different from before he came to the market was an exquisitely crafted quiver fit around his waist. That small quiver wrapped in dark dragon skin was only around a foot long, but was an especially valuable and powerful tool. If was crafted by a Xiu Clan's master craftsman, and for this quiver, Feng Xing had spent the last jade coin he had.

This quiver had a magical storage space inside, that was around twenty zhang in radius, and was filled up with countless enchanted arrows. Additionally, this quiver itself was enchanted with a magic formation as well, which allowed this quiver to automatically retrieve all arrows that had been released. At the current stage, the biggest distance for the quiver to retrieve arrows was around thirty miles, which also happened to be Feng Xing's largest attack range.

This quiver was able to retrieve arrows which were released already, which meant the time span for Feng Xing to effectively keep fighting in battles would increase by at least ten times. That was the reason why Feng Xing had given away every jade coin that Si Wen Ming gave him as a reward to trade for this quiver.

Feng Xing dared not to run at his highest speed, because running too fast using his powers would definitely draw the law enforcement team over. Therefore, he could only maintain the current speed, which was the highest speed he could do at the moment. He moved as fast as he could, trying to get rid of those people who had been following him, and leave the Chi Ban Market as quickly as possible.

Behind Feng Xing and about a hundred zhang away, a tall and scrawny, middle-aged man had been closely following him.

The middle-aged man was wearing an odd-shaped, black feather shirt. That long shirt was made entirely from black feathers, and was quite tight, firmly wrapping around the middle-aged man's body that. One could even see the lines of his muscles through the smooth feather shirt.

The boots he was wearing were also made from bird feathers. From time to time, that pair of black boots spurted out black whirlwinds, pushing the middle-aged man to light-footedly moving forwards. He could easily catch up with Feng Xing, without even trying too hard for it.

This middle-aged man was the only one who had been following Feng Xing, but after Feng Xing moved for around a hundred miles and was about to walk out of the East Market, more than ten men, who were wearing similar feather shirts and boots, abruptly showed up. By now, there were nearly twenty men who were following behind Feng Xing.

At the first glance, these people seemed were walking on the street completely in disorder, and were all ten to a hundred zhang away from each other. But if one looked down from the sky, one would find that these men had already formed an arc-shaped ring of encirclement, locking Feng Xing in the center. The two men on both ends of the arc were both miles ahead of Feng Xing, and once they moved inwards together, Feng Xing would be completely stuck.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man flashed across the street and swiftly reached less than ten-zhang behind Feng Xing.

"Yi Feng, still trying to run after been encircled by us?"

"You killed the prince and stole the divine bow, which is the most precious treasure of our entire clan! We've been hunting you for over ten years in the Eastern Wasteland! We didn't think that you would flee to the Midland!"

"You are flagitious! Our Divine Yi Clan will never spare you from your crime! For your Abba's sake, we can mercifully leave you as a whole corpse today."

"Just hand over the Sun-Shooting Bow and kill yourself. In that way, you can suffer less."

"You have already been aimed by us, the Arrow Guards… you can never run! Why are you still trying? Your struggle is pointless!"

Feng Xing gritted his teeth and the cyan gust of wind that had been coiling around his feet grew stronger and stronger. He was far less powerful than these Arrow Guards, therefore, his only hope now was this pair of boots that could largely improve his moving speed and was made by Yu Yu himself.

Nevertheless, once that pair of boots was activated, the immense power released by it would certainly cause a chaos. By creating a chaos in the Chi Ban Market, people from the law enforcement team might show up and stop Feng Xing, which would be a complete impasse for him. Under that kind of situation, Feng Xing wouldn't be able to run even though he would desperately want to.

His only choice was to walk out of the Chi Ban Market then immediately activate the boots.

Feng Xing had his teeth firmly gnashed, while a stream of blood flew out of his mouth's corner.

The Magus Era Chapter 352

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